Vygo Games using Biometric Sensor [MWC 2009]

At MWC 2009, Vyro Company showed a new game controller called for biometric Personal Input Pod (PIP).

It is a Bluetooth device that is held between user’s thumb and forefinger. It uses biometric sensors to determine the state of relaxation – detecting microscopic changes in the moisture of the fingers, and converts these data into a control game.

For example; at the fair showed an application of two players, where each contestant has a PIP is used to control a dragon in a race. The more relaxed (i.e., less sweaty) was moving faster across the screen. Less innocent was the “game” lie detector also displayed.

Sounds strange and a bit pointless? Not Vyro think as a company that focuses on developing technologies to combat stress. Even in talks with several operators to include in their PIP hook apparatus for improving the health of those who own cell phones. Sports psychologists also have shown interest and even games are being developed to treat addictions such as smoking.

But of course, everything is still in the making and marketing of PIP and its price will depend heavily on the conventions that can close.

Vyro Games shows biometric mobile games controller at MWC 09


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